Who Are We?

This isn't one of those lengthy 'About us Stories' or tales 'From the Founder' where they blabber about themselves and their journey and how they birthed the business idea yapping about every single step (and a lot about themselves and not so much about the company or its people), this is a snapshot about who we are as a collective group of like-minded people, what are our values and why family is so important to us.

DecoRug, is proudly still an Australian family-owned and operated company since the 90's. From humble origins, we have become renowned as a market leader in the industry, with stores spanning the Eastern seaboard in Australia. Despite our success, we continue to maintain our humble roots and family-oriented approach.
Our achievements can be largely credited to our core values and objectives, which are often rooted in the emotional connection and drive, that fuels most small entrepreneurial start-ups. This includes a dedication to exceptional customer care and fulfilment and strong ambition to be recognized as the top in our industry.
Beyond these driving factors, it’s the DecoRug Team; our people who have embraced these values and share in our founding principles who strive every day to excel and exceed customer expectations.
It’s our people, who deserve the credit and accolades for any success that the DecoRug Retail Group achieves. Ultimately though, it all comes down to our customers. We are forever thankful and grateful to our wonderful and very loyal customers who come back to us time and time again and are kind enough to regularly refer and introduce their friends and family to us.
Today DecoRug persists in leading in product development, pioneering the latest trends in fashion and enhancing product quality and features, with a commitment to bringing joy and happiness into people's homes.
Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and Happy Shopping
The DecoRug Family xxx