DecoRug is an innovative retailer and much ‘More Than Just a Rug Store’ as our original positioning statement would suggest. Sure, we sell Decorator Rugs – and plenty of them, in fact we’ve added that touch of style to thousands of living spaces over the years! But it doesn’t end there, we’re also a highly successful retailer of Pre-Finished Timber and Laminate Flooring, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, Custom-Made Window Shutters and Blinds as well! 

The DecoRug Retail Group has a proud history spanning all the way back to 1983 and a Stall at Sydney’s famous Paddy’s Markets. DecoRug is a typical grassroots start-up which has grown from humble beginnings to be widely recognised as a market leader within the industry.

In 2017, in close collaboration with well-known boutique home builders, we launched the DecoRug Builders Division. A bespoke B2B proposition that allows us to provide exceptional hard floor products and carpets for brand new homes. We have our own colour selection studio based in Auburn NSW, where we have our entire range on display for customers to make their selection.

Our success can be largely attributed to our value system and goals which typically stem from the emotional connection and passion that most small entrepreneurial start-ups are driven by, that includes a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, the burning desire to be recognised as being the best in your field and enjoying an enviable reputation within your business sector.

Beyond these driving factors, it’s the DecoRug Team; our people who have embraced these values and share in our founding principles who strive every day to excel and exceed customer expectations. It’s our people who deserve the credit and accolades for any success that the DecoRug Retail Group achieves.

Ultimately, it all comes down to our customers. We are forever thankful and grateful to our wonderful and very loyal customers who come back to us time and time again and are kind enough to regularly refer and introduce their friends and family to us.

Today DecoRug continues to remain at the forefront of product development and be first to market with the latest fashionable trends and product quality improvements and feature innovations.

While style and quality are high on the list as key desirables for our customers, products that represent exceptional value for money is a top priority and we strive endlessly to ensure that we deliver on this front every day.

Our years of experience, strong buying power and solid supplier relationships are unmatched in the industry, and this ensures we remain unrivalled when it comes to direct product-to-price comparisons and in our ability to offer leading style and quality as well as outstanding value for money for all of our customers!

Thank you for your interest in the DecoRug Retail Group, for more information please contact us through the Contacts tab on this website.