Super Natural Aspen Oak Krono
Super Natural Aspen Oak Krono
Super Natural Aspen Oak Krono
Super Natural Aspen Oak Krono

Super Natural Aspen Oak

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Our Super Natural Aspen Oak laminate floor boards will have you guessing if it's even laminate! This gorgeous range of floorboards is embossed so you get that real timber floor feeling. Offered in either a matt or satin finish and in a wide range of colours, you'll be sure to find the perfect flooring in this range of laminate. With an 8mm thick board and an AC4 rating, Super Natural laminate floors are not only eco-friendly but also hard-wearing- having been treated with diamond gloss they are made to last. Manufactured in Germany, Krono laminate flooring is by far the best quality laminate you will find on the market.

Type: Laminate flooring
Thickness: 8mm
Dimensions: 8x192x1285mm
Residential Warranty: 15 years

*DecoRug will round up or down to the nearest pack size for all flooring purchases. Please contact us if you need assistance with your flooring purchase or require additional products like underlay or trims.

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