Both stylish and durable, Shutters offer modern styling in our PVC and PolyResin options and classic in our Timber Eco Collection. We also offer heavy duty Aluminium for outdoor applications.

Give your home the perfect ‘face-lift’ with the elegance, style and sophistication of CustoMade Plantation Shutters. This is affordable style at it’s finest! CustoMade Plantation Shutters are made to the highest standards and to exact specifications using top quality materials to ensure that your new Shutters remain functional, beautiful and give you total peace of mind for many years to come.


Contemporary design meets simple control with the exquisite MAISONWOLFE Shutters Collection. These innovative Australian made shutters are as beautiful as they are durable and are made to last.

The Product

Custom made-to-measure from a durable polyresin compound and finished with a revolutionary technology, PolyResin Shutters feature a soft, matte lustre look of freshly painted wood. Choose from a delightful assortment of sophisticated designs that can be easily tailored to your needs. PolyResin Shutters are available in three classic shades of white and can be customised with seven distinctive frames, three unique louvre sizes and stylish hinge finishes.

PolyResin will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade.


PolyResin Shutters are highly durable and have been designed to suit even the harshest Australian climates. Impervious to moisture and guaranteed not to blister, peel or fade, these stylish window coverings can be used throughout the home, including in wet areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

MAISONWOLFE Shutters are manufactured right here in Australia. Boasting exceptional quality and are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Operating Systems

  • SmartView® – A patented gear-driven system for one-touch control and an unobstructed view. This system completely eliminates the traditional rear or front tilt bar allowing you to adjust the louvres easily by hand.
  • ClearView – With ClearView you have an unobstructed view by having the tilt bar located on the window side of the louvre.
  • Traditional Tilt Bar – Traditional shutter operation that can close in both directions, unlike many shutters which are one-directional only. Our patented tilt bar has eliminated unsightly gears or staples which tend to rust or break.

Our Shutters are completely adjustable, allowing you to fully control the solar energy entering your windows and doors. Their cellular construction creates a layer of energy-saving insulation as it traps air within a distinct pocket. Coupled with PolyResin’s low conductivity, they greatly reduce heat exchange. Polyresin Shutters reflect inbound solar rays back to the outside during summer, but can be opened to allow the warming sun into your home in winter thereby reducing air-conditioning costs.

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Fauxwood Eco-Air

Fauxwood Eco-Air shutters are made using extruded PVC Polymer with Fibreglass reinforced hollow blades, which makes them strong, lightweight and one of the most cost-effective shutter options on the market! This shutter option is completely waterproof making it the ideal window coverings for areas such as the bathroom and laundry. If you're after white shutters, this range is the way to go- available in a choice of four shades of white!

  • Made from Extruded PVC Polymer and suitable for wet areas.
  • Completely waterproof material, ideal for Bathrooms and Laundry.
  • Advanced Polymer is a Termite-proof and Fire Resistant material.
  • 89mm (only) Hollow Elliptical Blades with Fibreglass Reinforcement.
  • Surface finished in 4 coats of water-based paint.
  • Panel width up to 750mm maximum.
  • Curved Rail notch for improved Blade closing.
  • Hidden Rotation Rods as standard & at no extra cost.
  • Available with various Z-Frame and L-Frame options.
  • Available in various mounting configurations including Hinged Panels, Double-Hinged, Bi-Fold Panels and Fixed Panels (Sliding not available).
  • Choice of four popular colours; Antique White Pure, White, Off White and White.

Fauxwood Designer-Eco

As the name suggests, Fauxwood Designer-Eco indoor shutters have brought together the best of everything! These window treatments are the epitome of innovation, function, style and quality. These indoor shutters are available in a wide range of 13 colour choices with an option of extra wide panels and different size blade options and mounting configurations. Everything you could want and more!

  • 63mm and 89mm Solid Elliptical Blades with Aluminium Inserts for added strength.
  • Large panel widths up to 950mm maximum.
  • Special Patented Rail Strut reinforced joins in the Stiles and Rails.
  • Surface finished in 4 coats of water-based paint.
  • Curved Rail notch for improved Blade closing.
  • Fluffy Strip recessed in Stiles as standard.
  • Hidden Rotation Rods as standard & at no extra cost.
  • Available in all mounting configurations including Hinged Panels, Double-Hinged, Bi-Fold Panels as well as Sliding and Fixed Panels.
  • Advanced Polymer is a Termite-proof and Fire Resistant material.
  • Available with numerous Z-Frame and L-Frame options in various styles.
  • Emissions Tested and VOC Compliant with A+ Rating.
  • Wide selection of colour options available; Snow White, Bright White, Classic White, Vanilla, Super White, Infinite White, Polar White, Snowy Mountains, Quiet White, French White, Ceylon, Snow Gum Grey, Earl Grey
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty Panels & Frames / 2 Years Hardware

Timber Eco

This is the classic 'plantation shutter' at its finest! These timber shutters are have been made using Paulownia Timber sources from approved and sustainable forests, Timber-Eco Shutters are beautifully crafted to your requirements and exact specifications. Our wooden shutters are available in 10 colours and can be customised to fit large openings (up to three metres high).

  • Made from responsibly sourced Paulownia Timber.
  • Available in your choice of 63mm, 89mm and 114mm Solid Elliptical Blades.
  • Choice of Stainless Steel or Brass Hinges at no extra cost.
  • Option of Rack & Pinion internally geared Blade-Rotation system (built into Stiles).
  • Hidden Rotation Rods at no extra cost.
  • Large panel widths up to 950mm maximum.
  • Suitable for large openings up to 3 Meters high.
  • Squared Rail notch for classic Plantation Shutter look.
  • Available in all mounting configurations including Hinged Panels, Double-Hinged, Bi-Fold Panels as well as Sliding and Fixed Panels.
  • Available with various Z-Frame and L-Frame options.
  • Emissions Tested and VOC Compliant with A+ Rating.
  • Surface finished in 5 coats of UV-Cured Polyurethane Paint or Stain.
  • Manufacturers 5 Years Warranty Panels & Frames / 2 Years Hardware
  • Wide selection of colours available; Painted Finish: White Light Grey, Pure White Grey, Antique White Slate, Eggshell Riva, Jasper Black Walnut Stained Finish: Maple, Walnut, Cedar.


Our aluminium shutters are for those who want window coverings for the outside. This range of outdoor shutters is completely waterproof and highly resilient- made especially for the tough Australian climate. These window treatments are available in an option of functional external shutters and non-functional (fixed) screens. Modern shutters such as these provide privacy and security, with lockable options available.

  • Ideal for external applications – made from Alloy 6060 / T5 Extruded Aluminium.
  • Hollow Elliptical Blades in the popular 89mm size;
  • Fully functioning in EXTERNAL Shutters and fixed (non-functioning) in SCREEN.
  • Hidden Rotation Rods with Split Option at no extra cost with EXTERNAL Shutters.
  • Suitable for large openings with up to 1400mm Panel Widths subject to mounting configuration.
  • SCREEN Blades fixed at 60 degrees for privacy and weather protection.
  • Added security with Lockable options available.
  • Strong and resilient. Completely waterproof and highly fire resistant.
  • Tough powder-coated finish in four popular colours; Pearl White, Precious Silver, White Birch and Black.
  • Manufacturers 2 Years Warranty Panels & Frames / 2 Years Hardware.


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