Athena Silver Carved Rug DecoRug
Athena Silver Carved Rug DecoRug
Athena Silver Carved Rug DecoRug
Athena Silver Carved Rug DecoRug

Athena Silver Triangles Rug

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Adorn your Floor with a Rug, an exquisite centrepiece for any space!

Our Athena collection has been handtufted with Wool and Viscose for a sleek and chic addition to your decor!

This beauty features a modern carved and sheared scallop design. Athena is super soft underfoot and its unique tone-on-tone pattern is created with a tip shearing technique done by hand by our skilled artisans in India. This gives a unique hi-lo texture whilst keeping the pile lustrous.

  • Treat spots and stains promptly to preserve your rug and simplify cleaning
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Vacuum regularly using low suction
  • Avoid saturating the fabric or interior with excessive water or cleaning liquids
  • Consider spot cleaning with dry cleaning solvent if needed
  • Occasional pilling due to regular wear is normal and should not be considered as a fault
  • It is recommended to use a rug underlay to prevent dye transfer to the under surface, safeguard timber flooring and minimize rug movement.
  • India

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