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Brown Stringybark Quattro Hybrid Flooring

Brown Stringybark Quattro Hybrid Flooring
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Brown Stringybark Quattro Hybrid Flooring is waterproof, family-proof, and extremely durable. This contemporary flooring option is in fact, ideal for easy family living. With a luxurious design that mimics the look and feel of wood.

Planks feature an easy-to-install 5G click system. This means you can lay it directly over a variety of surfaces. These stylish luxury floors also perform brilliantly under extreme heat, making them the perfect foundation for contemporary living. Additionally, they are fast and hassle-free to install.

Type: Hybrid flooring
Thickness: 6mm
Dimensions: 6x228x1520mm

*DecoRug will round up or down to the nearest pack size for all flooring purchases. Please contact us if you need assistance with your flooring purchase or require additional products like underlay or trims.

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