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Karus Handmade Turquoise Rust Knotted Designer Rug

Karus Handmade Turquoise Rust Knotted Designer Rug
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Adorn your Floor with a Rug, an exquisite centrepiece for any space!

Beautifully hand knotted in India with high-grade wool and viscose fibres in a 10/10 knot count, the subdued colour variations from knot to cut pile are smooth yet resilient and a genuine classic in design.

Adorned with reinforced canvas backing, it gracefully complements any floor, although a non-slip rug pad is recommended to protect the underside of your rug and keep it hygienic and in good condition for years to come.

Atelier Rugs take pride in their utilization of only natural fibres with all hand-made knots, looms, and finessing, making them a treasured keepsake and a perfect complement in making your home feel exquisite.

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