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Lifestyle Moscato Laminate Flooring

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With the use of advanced technology in its construction, Lifestyle Moscato Laminate Flooring allows for flexibility and optimum stability in its design, coupled with higher impact resistance for today’s family's busy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Moscato Laminate Flooring not only displays the beauty of natural Australian timber in an engineered board, but it also ensures strength with its superb hardwood multi-layer core. Constructed with 12 layers of hardwood ply core and a tongue and groove joint system, it avoids cupping, twisting & squeaking with environmental changes. Within the manufacturing process, durability cannot be questioned. Finished using 11 layers of Klumpp German coating, your floors will stand the test of time.

Type: Laminate flooring
Thickness: 8mm
Dimensions: 8x195x1215mm
Residential Warranty: 20 years

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