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Machine Washable Rugs – New Rajah Collection

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Are you finding your space starting to look boring and in need of a transformation? Our new range of Rajah washable rugs will transform any space into a stylish setting while being practical and easy to clean with the added ArmaRug ProtectionTM!

They are 100% liquid-resistant, reducing the need to wash the rug. Making them the perfect rug for kids, families, pets, and allergy or asthma sufferers. Firstly, our rugs are made with 80% Cotton with no backing - so that means no nasties or chemicals are used in the production. It also means that these rugs are sustainable, made with natural fibres only. Instead of throwing out your rug when it's dirty you can wash it repeatedly.

Importance of Washable Rugs for the Home

Foot traffic, dirt, and spills, these are just some of the things your rug can take. Not only do rugs add styling to a room, but they also protect your flooring. So, how do you properly clean your rug then? You might say vacuuming, but that can only deal with a certain amount of messes. Eventually, vacuuming won’t be able to bring life back into your rug anymore.

What comes next then? You wash it, of course! You can just throw your rug into the washing machine and let it do all the work for you! With our Rajah rugs, making a mess won’t be such a pain anymore. Despite having pets, kids, or guests, machine-washable rugs make cleaning effortless and easy for all kinds of mess.

The smaller-sized rugs up to about 8kg can be washed many times over in your domestic washing machine whereas the larger sized living room rugs of 2 or 3-meter size will need to be taken to a laundromat or dry cleaner.

machine washable rugs, Rajah Rug Collection

Washable Rugs are Ideal for High-traffic Areas that Easily Get Dirty

Whether it’s the hallway, kitchen, or living room that opens out to the patio or backyard, the high-traffic areas tend to get dirty faster than others. For these spaces, you’d need washable rugs, which are more resilient to muddy shoes and dirty paws.

Drying your rug

We don't generally recommend you use the dryer to dry your rug. Instead, it is best to hang it out to dry on a sunny day. However, the rug does get very heavy when wet so if you want to put it in the commercial dryer on a cold setting just to take the very wet out of it you can.

View our Rajah Collection today.

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