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Noteworthy Trends

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We’re seeing some amazing patterns emerge in semi-permanent homewares like rugs and well-curated curtains instead of just scatter cushions and linen. They’ve been simplified into tone-on-tone or subtle contrasting colours and are easy to pair with in so many interior styles.

An insanely popular pattern trend right now are gingham checks and plaids. Gingham is a simple tone-on-tone design generally in a cotton weave, and plaid has multiple colours with space between the strips. Can you spot the difference?


This paired together with earthy greens and terracotta’s it shows a bit of an ode to retro styling in a contemporary way, a fan favourite in the rug and linen world!



Clashing textures is also a big trend right now as homeowners become more comfortable with over styling as minimalism starts to drop off. I think people realised that minimalism could feel cold and not as homely. I am seeing items styled together in rustic stone with metallics and matte surfaces. Matte surfaces paired with heavily textured natural fibres like jute and hemp are great too - don’t be afraid to be brave and experiment with new textures and colours!


Colours are tricky as they truly do not stay around for long. How do we keep what we pick staying on trend for longer? We have been whirl winded from everything cool and grey to white on white, now beige, and already monochrome is in full swing adding life back to our interiors.
The secret to keeping your interior on trend is to keep the big items simple. Plain, less likely to date colours are the best way to keep items for longer. It is easy to jump into a trend by changing your smaller décor items more seasonally. It is a nice way to refresh your space and in date!

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