The-Art-of-Infusing-Colour-Pattern DecoRug

The Art of Infusing Colour & Pattern

Posted by Jo Newman on

It is our belief that each individual should embrace their distinct and personal styles, free from the constraints of rules or trends. Our duty is to assist you in expressing your unique style and ensure its magnificent manifestation in your abode.

The most import step for colours to work together is to ensure each colour you’re using appears at least twice in a space/room. It doesn’t need to be applied all over the room, and that’s especially true when you’re including a standout colour, for instance a bright pink. You just want to pick the colour(s) up in other elements in the room.

Mixing patterns can be the trickiest to deal with, but if you get the balance right, they can add a subtle or a fabulously loud slice of ‘wow’. The contrasting pattern stakes are higher than playing with colour alone, and applied well it can seriously work, likewise getting it wrong can be a bit of a hot mess.

If it feels a bit overwhelming to start this tricky game with a room in the house, try it with an outfit, wear it out, if you get more complements than usual, our bet is, you’ve got the colours and pattern game sorted.

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