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Creating your Interior Style with Pride

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It’s February 2023, and for Sydney it’s a celebration of World Pride. For the first time this huge celebration of diversity and inclusion is occurring in the Southern Hemisphere, and it’s a chance to welcome people to Sydney and Australia…welcoming them to our home, and the diversity that Australia represents. Australian homes are diverse in style, lay out and décor choices. We think Diversity is our strength.

Pride is sometimes confused with conceit.

Having pride in your home or yourself is not about being arrogant or conceited, it’s about having satisfaction and confidence in yourself and your surroundings. It’s about embracing and valuing yourself and your environment.

We think that World Pride is a time for us all to reflect on how we connect with our own sense of self pride, nurturing and pride in our homes.

For us, Pride in your home and your surroundings is about nurturing and valuing yourself and your family by creating a place that reflects you. It’s not about how much something costs, or whether it’s the latest designer thing, or full of glitz and glamour. It’s about how it makes you feel, whether you own or rent your home, it’s still ‘home’ and you can still make it your sanctuary.

There are so many ways you can create a home you are proud of.

The simplest way is to strip out the clutter and organise your home, and home ‘segments’, based upon purpose and function. What do you really need in an entry way or living space compared to dining or sleeping spaces. Look at storage solutions that are multi-purpose and look good, while helping you keep some order in your home.

Then start to layer up you design and style choices. Start from the floor up, thinking about your flooring choices. 

Australians have a love affair with wood floors and there are some amazing choices in the market, and wonderful products, that provide a diversity of uses and looks.

Classic floorboards provide a warm and relaxed base to your home, from which to build. Options like Chevron patterns and Herringbone flooring are now readily available and create interest and sophistication in your home.

There are also now some amazing vinyl options that are waterproof, giving you the look and feel of wood floors. At DecoRug the Deco-consultants have all the specifications and options for you to consider, so a visit to a store will let you check them all out.

Another great way of creating a sanctuary at home that you can be proud of is using rugs to define and create beautiful spaces. Whether is a dramatic entry hall, a warm living room or being wrapped up in your bedroom sanctuary, rugs are a wonderful and simple way of changing up your home.

You can add urban drama, coastal relaxation or contemporary sophistication by using rugs on floorboards and tiles, or even layering them on carpet. When choosing your rug think about the purpose of the space, which will influence the pile and size you’ll select, then look at the colour palette you want to include (or link) in the room. 

We find it’s a great idea to take a picture of your room into the store and use it with your Deco-consultant which will ensure you get the right match and feel for your room. Also, when checking out rugs, make sure you see them laid on the floor, as it will give you a real sense of the size and scale. The Deco-consultants all love ensuring you get to see the choices in the right light.

You can even create your own ‘mood board’ in store by pulling together the wood floor samples with the carpet and/or the rug you’re considering, right there in store. Grab a few cushions into the mix get the chance to visualise your room.

So during World Pride in Australia, we welcome people to our ‘home’, and celebrate the diversity that is Australia, and Australian homes. 

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