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Savvy Shopping: Discover the Secrets of Affordable Luxury

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Here are some of our Buying Teams top tips for restyling your home on a budget.

Clear the Clutter Luxury properties often tend to be more minimalist in their design and the best way to replicate this in your own home is by keeping clutter at bay. We recommend spending a day organising your home into categories of what you want to sell, donate or discard and look then look at creative and stylish storage solutions such as woven baskets or antique trunks to keep visible clutter to a minimum for the keep pile! Break it down room by room and into manageable chunks to keep it from becoming overwhelming.

Restyle and Repurpose It costs nothing to restyle what you already have but it can make a huge difference to your space. Remember the ⅔ rule. Furniture should take up two thirds of the area of your room to leave enough space for easy traffic flow. Experiment by changing the positioning of your furniture and use feature pieces like rugs to create a focal point in the room! If you still have room to breathe select a feature rug, and if you need to keep it quieter and calm – a plainer rug is the best choice!

Repurposing an old piece of furniture with a lick of paint or a new surface with an adhesive decal is so easy, it is fun and keeps costs down. Who doesn’t love a weekend DIY project!

Manifest your style with a mood board It’s important to take the time to plan out your space and this is where a mood board can help. You can add in items you already have and add in and switch out new pieces to see what would fit in with your colour scheme or style. There are some great sites to create these online or get creative and cut and paste the old school way with interior magazines and print outs!

Paint it pretty! Paint is such an important part when it comes to design. Not only wall colours, but also individual pieces of furniture. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to how bright and clean your home looks, while it’s also an inexpensive DIY project for updating pieces of furniture that might be looking a bit tired, a new feature wall can entirely transform your space into something new!

Rug Up A good rug can be as beautiful as it is practical! DecoRug’s huge range of rugs come in a huge range of styles, colours and sizes to suit every room of the home. From modern, washables, outdoors, shaggy, modern and oriental there really is something for everyone and if you just are not sure.

Accessories to suit Accessories really are the binding of interior design. Items like cushions, rugs and on a bigger scale window furnishings help you to tie together colours, add new textures and soften cold spaces. A simple throw rug can be the difference between styling coming together or looking mismatched!

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