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Using Cowhide Rugs to Decorate & Style Your Home

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At DecoRug our Cowhide rugs are made from quality cowhide. They are a natural texture and are hypoallergenic, ideal for those who may have allergies or those who have asthma.

Every cowhide rug is quite unique regarding its styles and colours and will add a charming touch to any home.

Durable & Allergy-Free

Cowhide rugs are one of the most durable rugs on the market. The material doesn’t stain easily and doesn’t trap dirt, making it perfect for children, pets, and areas that get large amounts of foot traffic.

Cowhide also doesn’t collect dust or moisture, unlike carpeted rugs. This makes this style of the rug a great option for people with allergies.

While these rugs are well-known for being strong and hard-wearing, making it hard to stain if you’re quick to clean up the spills. We would recommend that you avoid vacuuming your rug frequently. To get rid of dust, alternate between shaking it, going over it with a soft brush, and using a vacuum.

Avoid placing furniture on them

If you really want to show off your cowhide rugs, avoid placing large and heavy pieces of furniture on them. By doing this, you will avoid:

  • Hiding or blocking your cowhide rug from view.
  • Overfilling your room, and will prevent it from looking overcrowded.
  • Damage and wear on the rug.

So, if you want to place your cowhide rug under a coffee table, for example, you need to make sure that it is small and light. A glass table, for example, will leave your rug fully visible and on view.

cowhide rugs at DecoRug

Location & Positioning

There are a few places that people usually put cowhide rugs: hooks, passageways, and under coffee tables. Cowhide rugs look best in spaces with less furniture and clutter. This is because cowhide rugs are full of style and character. They add an element of art to any room and tend to be very eye-catching.

It’s important to remember that the bigger the room, the better, in the end, the rug will look. One example would be to place your rug in the centre of a large, spacious living room, without putting any furniture on top of it at all. Let the rug speak for itself.

Cowhide on Rectangular Rug

Cowhide rugs usually have irregular shapes and irregular patterns and marks. This makes them look great when placed on a larger rectangular rug, also adding character to any kind of plain rug, and giving the entire living area a new fresh look. It is important to take note of colours and their various shades when using this arrangement.

Contemporary & Modern Décor

Some people believe that a cowhide rug would normally only work best with more country-style home decor, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Nowadays, going for a more contemporary or modern style can help you achieve a more attractive décor. But do remember it is important to maintain a sense of balance between modernity and tradition. This will help give your home a fresher and more welcoming, cozy feel.

If the area you wish to style is small, it might be best to buy a rug that is all one colour. They are more understated and won’t so overwhelm your room. In a larger space, try to look for rugs with more bold and interesting patterns.

Make Your Cowhide Rug a Feature Element

Have you decided that you wish your cowhide rug to be the main feature in your room? If you want your rug to be the focal point, surround it with simple furniture with clean, straight lines and neutral colours. For complementary elements, you could use minimalist-style decorations and even plants. Get Your Cowhide Rug Today Whether your home is rustic, contemporary, modern, traditional, or bohemian, there’s sure to be a cowhide rug to fit your style.

At DecoRug, we provide premium-grade cowhide rugs in variety of patterns and colours.

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