Carpets to Give Your Children’s Room a New Look Ready for Back to School DecoRug

Carpets to Give Your Children’s Room a New Look Ready for Back to School

Throughout this past year and more, we have realised that our home is important to our family’s well-being. With Covid19 and the stay-at-home lockdowns, we have realised that children especially need to feel safe and happy! Now with children going back to school, it might be a great idea to spruce up the bedrooms and give them a new release on life!

Updating or Refreshing Your Carpet

Soft and plush carpet in a child's room will add a sense of warmth and comfort. Children seem to be drawn to areas that are carpeted when they play. Also, it helps that carpet dampens the sound of little feet and toys playing. Regular vacuuming, once a week, will prolong the life and enhance the appearance of your carpet. Steam cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months will also extend the life of the carpet and reduce the piling and flatting of the carpet fibres.

What is the Best Carpet for a Child’s Bedroom?

If asthma and allergies are not a concern for your child, wool carpets will offer warmth, softness, and sound insulation to a room. It is also a sustainable fibre with a naturally high level of stain and moisture resistance. But if your kids spend a lot of time playing in their bedrooms, the synthetic carpet will be the way to go. They are more durable and easier on the budget.

Difference between Cut or Loop-pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is comfortable for kids to sit and play on and lends a comfy feel to the room. Cut pile is more likely to show ’tracking’ or ’pile reversal’ over a period; this isn’t usually an issue in a bedroom but maybe a consideration if you plan to have the same carpet in the hallway or adjacent rooms.

Loop-pile carpet is usually harder wearing than cut-pile. It’s not as plush as cut pile carpet and can be abrasive on kids’ knees when they’re playing. If you have a pet, their nails can sometimes pull up loops in the carpet, giving it a more ragged look.

What Carpet Colour Should You Choose?

Choosing a light brown, grey, or charcoal carpet will hide the dirt that children usually track in. You can then style the room with your choice of wall colours, or bright furniture. Adding a rug will give the room another layer of comfort and give the bedroom a zone for children to play or relax on with a few floor cushions or beanbags.

Synthetic carpets are luxuriously soft and have excellent stain resistance. Choosing a loop pile gives you a little more time to clean up spills and catch crumbs before they sink into the fibres. This makes them slightly easier to manage than cut pile carpets.

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