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What’s the Right Placement for a Rug in Your Bedroom?

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Rugs are a great way to bring luxury to any room, and particularly in bedrooms.

They are also great for renters, because you can use them to change the style of your home without impacting the fixtures!

It's an ideal resolution. Particularly if the current floor coverings show signs of wear or evoke a design catastrophe from yesteryear, you can effortlessly infuse your personal style and sophistication into a space with the perfect rug

Also, we often use rugs on hard floors, to create layers of interest and add warmth from their texture and if you live in colder climates, winter mornings can be chilly and a rug makes your beautiful wood floor a touch warmer to the foot!

Even if, like many others, you have carpet in your bedrooms, you can still experiment with rugs to add depth or revamp a carpet that may have deteriorated.

How do you choose the right rug for a bedroom?

Here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Look for colours or patterns that will complement the existing carpet. For patterned rugs look for a link in the colour mix.
  2. Usually, we find that in the bedroom, square or rectangular shapes work best.
  3. There are 4 options to consider for the size of the rug when it’s laid in a bedroom:
  • Your choice is for the complete bed frame to rest on the rug
  • Should you purchase additional furnishings, consider having the complete bed frame, bedside tables, and a bench at the foot of your bed (if applicable) all elegantly situated on the rug.
  • If you desire solely the lower two-thirds of the bed, alongside a bench at the foot of your bed, to grace the rug, while your headboard and bedside tables rest upon the firm ground below, be it hardwood or carpeted.
  • If you prefer the lower third of the bed, plus a bench at the foot of your bed, to sit on the rug, leaving most of the bed on the existing floor. More of the area rug will jut out into the rest of the room. This option works best if you prefer to use a smaller-size rug over carpeting to give the room colour and texture.
  1. Whatever the size, make sure you don’t have furniture with half the legs on, and the other half off, the rug as we all know wobbly furniture is not fun, and it’s prone to spillages… hot coffee spilled all over your rug is not fun!
  2. If you have furniture in your bedroom, like a free-standing dresser, choose a rug size that is either going to go right under the furniture or stop just short of it by about 5 cm. Rugs bunched up under the legs, or furniture balancing on the edge of a rug, is not a good look.

Consider these factors when selecting your rug, while also keeping in mind our advice on scale, size, and choices from our other publications.

If your sleeping chamber is petite, opt for a grander rug while maintaining a 20 to 30cm separation from the wall, ensuring the space remains uncluttered. Opting for a diminutive rug disrupts the harmonious equilibrium of the room.

You must consider the ‘swing’ of the door, ensuring that your rug does not interfere with the opening and closing of the bedroom door.

When choosing a rug, seek one that lies flat without bunching, as to avoid any precarious tipping. Enhance its stability by placing a non-slip rug mat beneath or consider utilizing double-sided carpet tape for a seamless appearance.



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