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Decorating with cushions

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Did you know that cushions and luxury upholstery items were once reserved for only the very wealthy and Royals? The dark ages were a time when people feared their home would be burnt down; so everything was made as inflammable as possible. During post-war times cushions were added to timber chairs, long draft stopping drapes were added to windows and living standards improved with comfort!

Cushions are now an everyday luxury item found indoors, outdoors, bedrooms and living spaces. What is best practice in styling them?

To make your living space inviting, cosy and well styled, here are my top tips for placement, colour, texture and size.

Coordination is key!
Opt for colours and patterns that coordinate well with the palette already in the room. If you make some bolder selections, balance them out with the right number of muted ones too.

Inserts matter!
Choose high quality inserts that give a good ‘lived in’ feel. Does anyone else become the karate kid when they do the infamous ‘chop’ to create the perfect crease? DecoRug’s cushions all come with perfectly fitted high quality inserts!

Select varying shapes and sizes
Varying the scope of size and shape adds a little more depth to the cushion styling. Select multiple shapes and mix them up to see what works. If your lounge already has a cushioned back, layering is even more important to give a homely and welcoming look.

Seasonal selections

If you tend to freshen up your décor according to the seasons, a velvet and linen combination as your staple set and are great for trans-seasonal periods. Then you can easily add in some textures for Winter to create warmth and less heavy styles to keep it fresh for Summer!

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